Plantex Cocomat (540g/m²)

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Plantex Cocomat (540 g/m²) in rolls of 1.20 m x 22.5 m or 2.40 m x 22.5 m

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Plantex Cocomat (540 g/m²) in rolls of 1.20 m x 22.5 m or 2.40 m x 22.5 m

An environmentally friendly alternative to the use of pesticides

Plantex Cocomat has been specially designed to control weeds and soil erosion in new plantations on slopes or embankments. Plantex Cocomat is a two layer fabric combining the Plantex gardening layer with untreated coconut fibres. Plant roots, protected from erosion during the early stages of growth, can grow and take root in the soil, preventing erosion in turn. Unlike conventional liners, the mulch layer cannot be washed away as the natural coconut fibres are firmly bound to the Plantex fabric.

A natural and aesthetic application

Designed to fight against the erosion of sloping land where conventional mulch (wood chips, bark, …) has difficulty staying in place and does not protect growing plants against erosion. Suitable for slopes up to 60° provided that the fabric is properly held down at regular intervals. Plantex Cocomat can be used in orchards, vegetable gardens and in ornamental gardens. With this fabric, fruits and vegetables growing close to the ground (such as strawberries, courgettes, tomatoes, pumpkins etc.) do not come into contact with either the ground.

Other applications:

  • Rock or pebble embankments;
  • Landscaping, shore areas of water basins, storage ponds, lakes, etc.;
  • Traffic infrastructure;
  • Fruit and vegetable growing, prevents contact with ground;
  • Landfill sites…


  • A single sheet to protect erosion by wind and water and control weeds
  • Natural look of the product
  • Limits soil drying
  • Water, air and nutrient permeable
  • Recyclable

Long lasting

The coconut fibres change colour and turn from brown to grey in a year or two. This does not mean the fibre has degraded.

If it is exposed to sunlight, the performance of the fabric lasts between 3 and 5 years, which is quite sufficient to protect plants during their growth against erosion and weeds. Beyond this period, the decomposition of the coconut fibres contributes humus to the soil.

If the area is in the shade, the fabric performance time can be lengthened.

Available in rolls of 1.20 m x 22.5 m or 2.40 m x 22.5 m

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