Mixed coupler ME-16 1/2H 0,85  (incl. VAT)
Gate valve VM-16 1/2 1,90  (incl. VAT)
Threaded connection MUM-3/4 0,60  (incl. VAT)
Pressure regulator RP-0.7B 17,65  (incl. VAT)
Mixed connection ME-16 0,40  (incl. VAT)
Quick connection for tap CR-16 2,50  (incl. VAT)
Collar plug TP-CO 0,05  (incl. VAT)
7 mm puncher TPR-7 12,30  (incl. VAT)

VIS Reg is a porous textile hose which diffuses water evenly for spot irrigation, and allows this water to be used efficiently and sustainably.

Water comes out in small drops through pores in the wall in VIS Reg (“exuding irrigation”) to moisten the soil for plants. VIS Reg works by forming a continuous, uniform band of moisture along the entire irrigation line.

To ensure that agricultural activity is sustainable and respects the environment, we must make the most of the ever scarcer water resources.

With VIS Reg, less water is consumed and irrigation is more efficient, making crop production more sustainable and engaged with the environment.

The main advantages and benefits of VIS Reg are:

– Highly resistant to blockage from the use of organic fertilisers.

– Can be cleaned easily cusing chemical products, acids and oxygenated water.

– Lower consumption of water and fertilisers..

– Less energy consumption..

– More even application and distribution of water and fertilisers onto the ground for plants.

– More efficient irrigation with reduced loss of water and fertilisers away from the roots.

– Long useful life of up to 15-20 years.