Plantex Platinum Solar Green (240 g/m²)

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Plantex Platinium Solar Green (240 g/m²) in rolls of 2,50 m x 50 m; 2,50 m x 100 m; 5 m x 50 m or 5 m x 100 m

Without overlap

UV resistance

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Plantex Platinium Solar Green(240 g/m²) in rolls of 1 m x 100 m; 2 m x 100 m; 2 m x 50 m or 5 m x 50 m

The nonwoven Platinum fabric has been specifically developed to fight against invasive weeds such as Japanese knotweed, couch grass, reeds or giant reed. These plants are characterized by very rapid growth during the growing season, rapid extension of roots and rhizomes in the ground and the ability to remain dormant for several years.

One way to fight against this type of weed is to cover the surface and contain the infested soil. This is to prevent the plant from growing above the ground by eliminating access to daylight (and therefore photosynthesis) and by confining root (and rhizome) expansion in order to restrict access to nutritional resources.

A single intervention for immediate results

After being installed in an area contaminated by invasive weeds, the Plantex Platinum solution does not require any further maintenance work for several years unlike chemical solutions or regular weed mowing work. The site is clear and clean and shows visible results right after installation.

Addressing the requirements of the French Zero Phyto law

The use of pesticides in green belts is being increasingly regulated. The Plantex Platinum fits today as an economical, ecological and aesthetic solution for the protection of sensitive areas such as drinking water capture zones.

Respect for the natural balance of the soil

While providing an effective barrier against invasive plants, Plantex Platinium still remains permeable to air and water. This permeability of the fabric ensures respect for the natural balance of the soil by maintaining its biodiversity. The balanced water conditions maintain soil stability and avoid land subsidence or slope slides for example. Furthermore, the installer does not need to manage drainage of the covered area nor differential hydrostatic pressure buildup.

Easy and speedy installation

The Plantex Platinum is available in widths of 1 m, 2 m and even 5 m. The broad width is especially important when covering large areas as it requires fewer joints and joints often constitute the weak points of a containment solution. Unlike plastic films, the fabric has a very high tear resistance (even if a tear has already started) and this especially important during installation.


  • Very strong tear resistance, even cuts that are already started will not propagate to a larger tear (contrary to plastic film) and this gives it strong resistance to damage particularly during installation
  • Water permeability: The project manager does not need to cope with drainage of the area covered nor differential hydrostatic pressure buildup.
  • Air and water vapour permeability that prevents condensation of ground humidity on the inner side of the fabric. Trapped moisture will be able to evaporate naturally and will reduce the soil temperature (less greenhouse effect) and the soil will be able to dry in dry weather. The micro-organisms and biological soil environment will not be altered by the covering
  • Its dark green colour blends easily into the natural environment if a cover is not possible or is missing
  • The fabric filaments will not fray or be displaced

Life time

  • Exposure to the sun: 8 years in the temperate Central European climate zone
  • Humidity: the fabric does not absorb moisture
  • Rot, mould: No effect
  • Resistance to natural acids/alkalines: No loss of resistance
  • Chemical resistance – EN 14030: No loss of resistance
  • Microbiological resistance – EN 12225: No loss of resistance

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1m x 100m, 2m x 100m, 2m x 50m, 5m x 50m

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