Soil blockers

MAXI 1 100x100mm Soil blocker (PM1100) 140,00  (incl. VAT)
20 x 17 mm mini soil blocker (PM2017) 29,00  (incl. VAT)
4 x 50 x 50 mm Soil Blocker (PM450) 37,00  (incl. VAT)
5 x 38 mm Soil blocker (PM538) 37,00  (incl. VAT)
Set of 2 PM2017 and PM450 soil blockers (PMSET) 71,00  (incl. VAT)
MULTI 12 50x50mm Soil Blocker (PM1250) 229,00  (incl. VAT)
MULTI 20 38x38mm Soil Blocker (PM2038) 229,00  (incl. VAT)
MULTI 6 x 63 mm soil blocker (PM663) 229,00  (incl. VAT)
MULTI 35 30×30 soil blocker (PM2035) 292,00  (incl. VAT)

Soil Blocking is a technique that is quicker, simpler, cheaper and produces higher quality seedlings than other methods of seedling production. Growing seedlings in soil blocks (without using plastic pots) prevents transplant shock at any stage, allows seedlings to grow steadily and saves up to three weeks growin.

Soil blocks are made by punching a block former into a pile of very moist potting mix. This technique of professional is now with the range of the amateur gardener thanks to the manual soil blocker.