Plantex Premium (68 g/m²)

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Plantex Premium (68 g/m²) in rolls of 1 m x 25 m, 2 m x 50 m or 2 m x 200 m – Hurdles 0,5 x 20m – Flower pot 1m x 2m

Gardening tablecloth

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Plantex Premium (68 g/m²) in rolls of 1 m x 25 m, 2 m x 50 m or 2 m x 200 m – Hurdles 0,5 x 20m – Flower pot 1m x 2m

Very healthy plants, a beautiful and tidy garden

With its unique porous structure, the Plantex gardening fabric lets water and liquid fertilizers seep into the soil down to the roots of your plants and lets the soil breathe. At the same time, Plantex retains the moisture and heat of the soil. With Plantex covered with bark, the light does not pass and Plantex then gives your plants effective protection against weeds.

An eco-friendly product

The Plantex garden fabric was designed to avoid the growth of weeds. So you no longer need to use chemical weed killers. The Plantex gardening fabric is chemically inert, meaning that it does not pollute the soil, water or air and does not affect people or animals.

Low-level cost-effective maintenance

With its easy installation and features, the Plantex garden fabric will give you more free time to enjoy the beauty of your garden. When covered with an appropriate layer of bark, wood chips or gravel, the Plantex fabric will last more than 20 years. The bark or chips will form a homogeneous layer that will not mix with the earth so you will not need to add more each year.


  • High level of water permeability
  • Lets the earth breathe due to its high porosity
  • Also blocks the passage of roots from weed seeds carried on the air.
  • Keeps all its features for over 20 years, if covered with a layer of bark or gravel
  • Cuts and surplus fabric is easily recycled due to it comprising 100% polypropylene

The garden fabric consists of nonwoven thermally bound polypropylene fibres. It is a chemically inert product whose lifespan is 20 years if protected from light.

Compared to other woven products, Plantex has a very high level of porosity (70%), which promotes better and faster plant growth.

Available in rolls of 1 m x 25 m or 2 m x 50 m or 2 m x 200 m

Also available in a heavy version: Plantex GOLD, 125 g/m² grey and brown, or very heavy Plantex Platinum (240 g/m²), dark green, ideal against invasive weeds, does not require additional cover; perfect for slopes, where an additional mulch layer is not possible.

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