Sheep’s wool felt 500 gr/m² (Copie)

10,77  (incl. VAT)

Density: 500 gr/m²

Length: 1m
Width: 2,2 m

Cultivation of annual plants with a relatively long development cycle.


Why choose sheep’s wool felt to protect your plants?

This protective covering made with 100% wool from local sheep farms, washed and transformed in Belgium is entirely natural, organic and renewable. Thanks to this environmentally friendly solution, get all the qualities of wool for your plantings, your gardens and your green spaces!

Sheep’s wool felt will:

• Slow down evaporation from the ground, maintain the humidity of the air and help allow the soil to keep its freshness. Due to its structure, wool has the ability to retain 30% of its weight in water thanks to its hollow fibres, which allows it to capture the morning dew by capillary action before returning it drop by drop throughout the day. This natural phenomenon makes it possible to reduce watering.

• Protect the ground from wind and temperature changes: it will be an effective barrier for plants that are sensitive to cold, wool being a naturally insulating fibre. A very breathable material, its insulating properties are retained even when wet thanks to the air cushions between the fibres which prevent the plant from freezing.

• Biodegradable, sheep’s wool felt does not contain any harmful substances because the wool it is made from is not treated. This felt is very well absorbed into the soil after breaking down, it provides the soil with nutrients that enrich it such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

• Its use helps to reduce or even eliminate weeding and promote soil biological activity. In addition, the felt is a gastropod (slugs and snails) repellent thanks to its repellent texture.

• Depending on the terrain profile, the sheep’s wool felt makes it possible to retain soil and reduce erosion.

• Easy to set up, sheep’s wool felt is easy to cut and thanks to its neutral colour, which may vary slightly depending on how the wool is produced, it fits very well into the landscape. The rolls are sold and offered in three different densities: 300 gr/m², 400 gr/m², 500 gr/m², 600 gr/m² and 900 gr/m².

How to use

• Apply before or after planting
• Place it on clear ground free from old plants or any waste
• Easy to cut with scissors
• Staple at the edges (2 staples/m²) (Note, staples not supplied)

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