Thermal Weeding

An infra-red radiation heat in combination with a hot air flow provokes the bursting of cells within the aerial parts of the plants which then will wilt and die.

The energy used is either butane or propane gas. Its combustion does not produce any toxic residue.

12L LPG filling gas bottle329,83  (incl. VAT)
26L LPG filling gas bottle334,86  (incl. VAT)
44L LPG filling gas bottle372,63  (incl. VAT)
Bottle-holder backpack192,46  (incl. VAT)
Bottle-holder hand truck98,83  (incl. VAT)
FOKER 35 Burner 139,00  (incl. VAT)
FOKER 45 Burner192,88  (incl. VAT)
Gas cartridge11,95  (incl. VAT)
Hose 4m extension9,90  (incl. VAT)