With close to twenty years experience in non-chemical weed control equipment, the company started out by importing thermal and mechanical weed control equipment and over the last twenty years has developed and now manufactures eco-friendly weed control tools.

Cecotec is based in Theux in Belgium and we acquired it in 2016.

We present several products for alternative weed control. ZERO PHYTO, ECOLOGIQUE. These tools enable thermal and/or mechanical weed management.

We also have some specific tools for gardening and truck farming for the purpose of gently working the land without excessive effort.

Made in Belgium!

We are based in Wallonia and most of our tools are designed in our workshop in THEUX where we manufacture them entirely from start to finish!

In this way we are open to any suggestions on how to improve existing tools but also any ideas for new tools we could design and adapt based on the needs expressed.

Old tools can also be updated, reinvented, reinterpreted… and new ideas are always welcome.