Naked flame weeders

Thermal naked flame weeders are portable devices of varying power that are highly manoeuvrable and lightweight. They have the advantage of being able to be used on a one-off basis or to reach difficult-to-access areas: at the base of a wall, curbs, around trees or street furniture.

For individual users, there is a choice of devices of different power levels depending on the type and size of the surface area to be treated. For professionals, the more powerful devices are used to supplement infra-red weeders (WEEDBOY range). Since they have no protective cover, they consume more energy than WEEDBOY devices.

FOKER 35 Burner 139,00  (incl. VAT)
FOKER 45 Burner192,88  (incl. VAT)
Gas cartridge11,95  (incl. VAT)
Sievert Gardener52,95  (incl. VAT)
Sievert Promatic 50 326,86  (incl. VAT)
Sievert Promatic 60459,89  (incl. VAT)
Sievert Turbo158,18  (incl. VAT)